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2012 Officers
Monday, 22 October 2012 21:35
Front: Education: Barbara, Treasurer: Janice, Secretary: Susan, Membership: Arnelle 
Back: WebMaster: Tim, Publicity: Jill, Equipment: Bud, Sandy, President: Shirley, Vice President: Kathleen
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General Information

Woodland Senior Center

Computer Club

General Information

OPEN LABS:  For adults 18 and over.  Open labs are held every Friday from noon til 3 p.m., When the Senior Center is open.  The cost is $1 whether you stay one minute or three hours, plus 5 cents per printed page.  Window 7 & Microsoft Office 2007 running on all computers.    There is a volunteer in the lab to help you.  For more info, leave a message at 662-9598.

CLASSES:  For adults 18 and over. There is a list of classes available on the computer lab door.  There is also a binder at the Senior Center Welcome Desk that you can sign up for future classes.  Classes are scheduled when our volunteer instructors are available.  You will be called when a class is available.  Prices range from $7 and $10, for a one day class.  $14 for a four-week (2 –hrs each) class.  For more info, leave a message at 662-9598.

GENERAL MEETINGS:  Open to the public.  Demos, and presentations of various subjects.  Always a (Question and Answer) session on problems with your computer (staff available).  Meetings are held every fourth Monday of each month (except December) at 1 p.m. in Meeting Room 3&4.  The meeting notices are published in the Daily Democrat, Davis Enterprise, and an insert in the AroundTown. 

MEMBERSHIP:  $12 per year.  You receive a copy of the monthly newsletter, Byte News, by email or U.S. Mail.  There are three monthly drawings for “members only” at the conclusion of each General Meeting.

WEBSITE:  www.wsccc.com Anyone can view the website.  Check out upcoming events, class descriptions, information about open labs, etc.  For members wanting to view the “current” Byte News on the website, they must request a password from the Web Master

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Woodland Senior Center Computer Club